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Easy-to-use crypto portfolio management tool and decentralized trading platform

By aggregating the liquidity of the top DEXs, Totle is the most convenient Ethereum-based token trading platform. Trustless trading is now accessible.

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When you buy crypto from Coinbase or Binance you don't really "own" it.

Unlike exchanges, Totle never takes custody of your tokens or private keys. No down time or hacking to worry about. Tokens stay in your wallet. Do with them as you like.

Decentralized trading doesn't have to suck.

Teams have made tremendous progress on the infrastructure for decentralized trading.  However, Totle takes a usability-first approach. Users shouldn't have to sacrifice design and ease-of-use to reap the benefits of decentralized exchange (DEX) trading.

Buy and sell quickly.
At stable prices.

Totle aggregates order books across multiple platforms to combat the limited availability of orders. By pooling the fragmented order books among decentralized exchanges, the odds of filling your request increase greatly.

Product Highlights

No logins or 2FA
No deposits or withdrawals
Aggregated order books
Bring your own wallet