Introducing the Totle API

Since the launch of our beta, Totle has been focused on a user-first approach to DEX trading. We are eager to release the Totle API so our partners can do the same.

Totle’s API and smart contracts work together to seamlessly compare prices and route orders across the world’s leading decentralized exchanges.

Harness the power of decentralized finance with the Totle API.

What is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are essentially a platform upon which people can exchange freely between each other. DEXs bring value to the market by providing a more secure and fair way for people to exchange digital assets. Furthermore, they eliminate the need for a third party service to hold user funds in a centralized system and allow trading to occur by leveraging an automated peer-to-peer system. It is important to note that funds belong to the users themselves, not a third party.

Decentralized Exchanges vs. Centralized Exchanges

DEXs allow for people to find each other and trade with each other directly over the blockchain, thereby not depending on a centralized exchange and taking on the associated custody risks that comes with it. The benefit of having a decentralized exchange is that because the trades are being settled directly on the blockchain it avoids the need to move your cryptocurrency into an exchange wallet where you would then be at risk of a getting your funds stolen or being vulnerable to a potential hack.

To be clear, the main differentiator between a DEX and a Centralized exchange is the fact that decentralized exchanges are non-custodial and permissionless. It is important to note that a DEX should never take custody of users’ funds or use centralized order matching (i.e., permission a trade) for users.

Why are DEXs important?

Security and privacy are major benefits of decentralized exchanges but DEXs also offer an unique benefit, ethical imperative. This is a driving factor in the movement of decentralization. Being in charge of your own money is something that has never really been an option due to the risks surrounding it and the only other option we had was to rely on a one major entity taking control of millions of individuals’ assets. It’s time to change that!

1. DEX's offer security to the user

2. DEX’s Offer Privacy

3. Lastly, they empower everyday people to be in charge of their own wealth

What is Totle?

The Totle system aggregates liquidity from the leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs), allowing businesses to exchange tokens in a truly decentralized manner. You can interact with Totle by simply connecting your wallet. It’s as simple as that!

What does Totle's API do?

In short, works by aggregating the liquidity of the top decentralized exchanges. Totle aggregates order books across multiple platforms to combat the limited availability of orders. By pooling the fragmented order books among decentralized exchanges, the odds of filling your request increase greatly and it allows for your trades to be instant, liquid, and secure. Totle is the most convenient ERC-20 token trading platform.

How does Totle's API work?

Totle's API and smart contracts work together to seamlessly compare prices and route orders across the world’s leading decentralized exchanges.

How and what can you use the Totle API for?

There are many benefits and areas that Totle can be leveraged for...

1. Wallets for in-app trading

When you connect your wallet to Totle, we display the Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens in that wallet. Track your allocations and the performance of each asset in a daily, weekly, annual, and all-time basis. Click the Trade tab and you can easily re-balance your allocations or add any supported ERC-20 token. You can even buy and sell multiple tokens in one transaction on the blockchain.

2. ICO Investing- Allowing Users to Trade ERC-20 for ETH and Invest Easier

A lot of platforms and dApps in the market only allow users to invest in ICOs with ETH. In order to make the experience better and retain users to their site, Totle allows for ERC-20 tokens to be converted in browser to ETH. This makes the process of contributing to an ICO extremely seamless for users.

3. Margin and Arbitrage Trading

Whether your platform is used for lending for interblock arbitrage, collateralized or margin lending you can link your margin lending to borrow from the smart contract and then sell on DEXs. This allows you to borrow without over collateralizing where the user is in escrow. In order to have borrowers receiving the best price, Totle is the best solution as we are built atop a lot of DEXs and price discovery can give users best price out there. Totle can also integrate DEX trading from arbitrage platform browsers and allow users to choose and execute on arbitrage opportunities through them.

4. Cryptoasset Research Terminal

Totle makes it possible for users to trade tokens directly where they learn about them

5. Portfolio Management

Totle is a liquidity layer for token swapping. Totle can help with portfolio management and rebalancing for personal and corporate use. Specifically Totle can provide decentralized solutions to users by helping with portfolio rebalancing, automating processes and by providing tools for backtesting and social.

"As we move towards mainstream adoption we are likely going to see a move towards holders of digital assets wanting more control and security in their engagement with exchanges.

Totle aims to provide that trust layer all the while making the exchange of digital assets easier for everyone"

David Bleznak

Founder & CEO, Totle

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