Propelling Decentralized Trading through the Totle API

Totle’s latest API release places the company in a strategic position to drive the mass adoption of decentralized trading and power the tokenized blockchain economy. By providing access to decentralized exchange liquidity through a single access point, traders, businesses, portfolio managers and developers can access the decentralized exchange economy through a safe and secure API integration.

When it comes to APIs, this is the Totle package

Totle offers a solution to critical issues facing multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs), including fragmentation, illiquidity, and poor UI/UX. By aggregating the order books of the leading decentralized exchanges and simultaneously executing trades, this once fragmented ecosystem can now be opened up seamlessly to the world.

The inherent problems in using centralized exchanges (CEXs) have led developers and entrepreneurs to build decentralized exchanges as a safer and more secure alternative. DEXs, while currently handling a small percentage of transactions, are continuously rising in popularity.  

With DEXs, there is no third party holding a user’s private keys at any point. That means DEXs are immune to the types of hacks that netted nearly $1 billion in stolen digital tokens last year.

Integrating the Totle API eliminates the impediments holding back decentralized crypto trading from reaching mainstream adoption.

Pooled liquidity through this simple API enables businesses to expand their platforms quickly and efficiently - enabling in-app trading for wallets, portfolio trackers, lending platforms, and other applications.

As more partners integrate our API software into their own products, the technology becomes more powerful by increasing liquidity and user traction in the blockchain economy as a whole. Totle will generate revenue from the API through transaction fees, premium subscriptions, and/or paid API access.

Totle Ownership

Top tier investment firms such as NEO Global Capital (NGC), with over $400 million in assets, as well as TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital (XRP) founder Michael Arrington have acknowledged Totle’s long-term value to the ecosystem and contributed key investments.

In order for Totle to effectively develop the world of decentralized trading, we have determined the best path towards our scalability goals is through equity crowdfunding. Therefore, we have filed an offering statement with the SEC and will be selling shares through SeedInvest, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the United States.

The SeedInvest platform only approves approximately 1% of applicants, so the fact that Totle received the green light not only exhibits the value of the company but also reassures the growth of the decentralized marketplace as a whole.

Totle is positioned to positioned to lead the charge towards a decentralized, tokenized economy on the blockchain.  

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