The Stage is Set for Totle Domination in 2019

Successful tech giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook have built revolutionary internet platforms that connect websites, brands, products, and people. Each was able to capture an opportunity - be it the emergence of eCommerce, online advertising, or social media.

With the emergence of blockchain technology and decentralized exchange (DEX) trading, Totle is seizing a similar opportunity by building a safe and secure platform that combines the top DEX order books and exchange protocols, giving its users the best available price and liquidity in the DEX ecosystem.

Best of all, the Totle team is offering their groundbreaking platform through an API.

Emergence in 2018, Adoption in 2019

Over the course of 2018, many DEXs have emerged into the crypto space and many more are expected to launch in 2019. However, their trading volume remains relatively small compared to centralized exchanges (CEXs).

The DEX model relies on user growth and liquidity for success - and with major players such as Binance and Huobi launching their own DEXs in 2019, and Coinbase acquiring a DEX in 2018 - the stage is set for a boom in decentralized trading in the near future.

As more DEXs launch into the space and compete for market share, the already fragmented ecosystem will undergo further fragmentation, hurting the user experience and stunting adoption. This is where Totle provides a simple yet innovative solution that brings the ecosystem together in a cohesive and user-friendly manner.

The Totle platform creates a single access point for liquidity amongst the top DEXs, including Bancor, ERCdex, Kyber Network, OasisDEX, Uniswap, OpenRelay, Radar Relay, SharkRelay, Airswap, EtherDelta, Token Store, Ethex.Market, multiple 0x relayers, and more.

Totle created a leading-edge smart order routing system, which finds users the best price match, building the gateway for high volume traders and market makers to enter the DEX market. In addition, the non-custodial platform gives users complete ownership of their digital assets.

Valuing the Totle Package

Totle is positioning itself as a key platform enabling the long-term growth of the blockchain economy. Their API provides users and third parties the ability to bypass the friction that exists in DEX trading, saving substantial amounts of time and resources required to develop such a solution independently.

As a company, Totle can expect multiple sources of revenue that include transaction fees, premium subscriptions, and paid API access. In addition, Totle is in the process of implementing revenue sharing models with DEXs, market makers, and B2B customers.

Companies including AlphaWallet,, Fractal Wealth, Marble, Mirian and Shrimpy have already locked in early partnerships to integrate the Totle API.

Firms such as NEO Global Capital, with over $400 million in assets, TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital (CRP), founded by Michael Arrington, have recognized the value Totle can bring and as a result have invested in the company.

Valuing the Totle Package

Totle filed an offering statement with the SEC to sell securities through SeedInvest, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in the United States.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor and own shares of Totle - the company that’s leading the charge towards the mass adoption of decentralized trading and the growth of the DEX economy.

Totle’s technologically superior trading infrastructure brings promise to the growth of the entire blockchain ecosystem with the potential to usher in a new era of trading solutions.

Google was able to become what it is by aggregating websites during the dawn of the internet, Amazon with products during eCommerce, and Facebook with online profiles during social media. Now, during the rise of blockchain technology and decentralized trading, Totle is doing it with DEXs.

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