Totle Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Republic

Powering the Dapp Economy

A single source of liquidity powering decentralized payment systems, exchanges, and other open financial apps.

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What is Totle?

Totle enables the crypto economy by providing the safe, simple exchange of tokens at the best price.

Price Optimization

Totle aggregates the top DEX markets to optimize pricing and can route orders to multiple exchanges in one request.

Safety and Security

At no point does Totle control a user’s funds. All operations on the Totle platform can be audited on the blockchain.

Simple Integration

The platform relieves the need to integrate with and understand the various protocols of multiple decentralized exchanges.

A single source of dex liquidity

...and more

By aggregating the top decentralized exchanges, the Totle platform provides dapps, traders, and businesses around the world with a reliable infrastructure for decentralized liquidity.

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Why build on Totle?

Earn revenue

Grow your business by taking fees on each transaction from your wallet, dapp, or payment gateway.

See Higher Returns

Are you a trader? We’ll help you get the best price on trades, no matter the size, using liquidity sourced from the top DEXs.

Leverage the Data

Totle provides real-time and historic on-chain trade data for the top decentralized exchanges.

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“We vetted other APIs and it was clear that Totle delivered the best access to decentralized exchange liquidity and optimal pricing through one simple API integration. We’re excited to provide our global customers the ability to custody their assets while managing their portfolios.”

Michael McCarthy

CEO, Shrimpy

Build on Totle

Create products on the first-of-its-kind API. Learn how Totle provides a solution for businesses looking to buidl the future of decentralization.

Trade on Totle

The first dapp built on the Totle platform. Discover an intuitive interface that enables token trading across aggregated exchanges.

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