How does Totle fit your business?

Totle delivers access to decentralized financial infrastructure. From powering token trading in a crypto wallet app to facilitating payment requests, there’s so much you can build with Totle.

Use Cases

Totle serves broad use-cases critical for industry growth:

Portfolio Management

Institutional Traders




Lending Protocols

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“We vetted other APIs and it was clear that Totle delivered the best access to decentralized exchange liquidity and optimal pricing through one simple API integration. We’re excited to provide our global customers the ability to custody their assets while managing their portfolios.”

Michael McCarthy

CEO, Shrimpy

Build on Totle

Create products on the first-of-its-kind API. Learn how Totle provides a solution for businesses looking to buidl the future of decentralization.

Trade on Totle

The first dapp built on the Totle platform. Discover an intuitive interface that enables token trading across aggregated exchanges.

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From API partnerships, to press enquiries and general feedback, reach out to the Totle team for answers to all your questions.